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The success of a remote project is dependent on many factors. One that is essential is the comfort and safety of your workforce. We can help.

Our quality built modular camps are second to none when it comes to comfort and affordability. Whether you require one of our standard camp configurations or a custom build, our superior quality will help you attract and retain a skilled workforce.

Whether a remote location, or a not so remote location, a modular camp provides the following advantages:

  • Speed, our modules can be constructed in a fraction of the time it would take to construct these units onsite, thereby compressing your construction schedule
  • Our modules can be constructed in advance (or concurrently) with your construction schedule
  • Quality, our modules are constructed in a climate controlled environment by professional tradesmen using top quality materials
  • Cost per person is generally equal or less than established accommodation
  • Uniform accommodation for all employees (less grievances)
  • Better control of company workforce and sub-trades
  • Eliminate safety concerns regarding travel to and from the job site
  • Increased productivity, as employees do not require daily travel time
  • Scalability, need more room simply add more modules
  • Our modular model provides more than just bedrooms, we provide all the home away from home facilities, including : Sleep accommodations, kitchen/dining, wash/shower, recreation centre, administration building, laboratory, conference rooms and locker/mine dry buildings

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