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With over 30 years in the construction industry we have gained valuable experience in a wide variety of interesting projects. Here are a few of our more recent projects:

1,000,000L Bulk Fuel Storage/Distribution System

Sachigo Lake First Nation is a remote community in Northwestern Ontario and is accessible by air only for three seasons of the year, making the logistics of this project challenging. We are installing 1,000,000L of fuel storage to service the Diesel Generator Station which provides the electricity for the community of 500.

Major components of this project included:

  • Working with Sachigo Lake First Nation Development Corporations’ equipment, operators and labourers to complete the civil portion of the project
  • Transportation of a large volume of materials and equipment over the 2014 winter ice road
  • Earth excavation, engineered fill, installation of 20, 50,000 litre fuel storage tanks onto structural concrete foundations
  • Reconditioning of five existing 50,000 litre steel fuel storage tanks (inside and out)
  • Structural concrete foundations, construction of pre-engineered steel structure
  • Over 1,200m of welded fuel piping, valves and fittings
  • Instrumentation and low voltage electrical system
  • Commissioning of the entire system

Water Treatment Plant (Arrowhead Provincial Park)

This project required that the construction be completed through the winter months. Major components included:

  • Reconditioning of the existing 25,000 litre steel reservoir (inside and out)
  • Clearing and grubbing of new parking area
  • Earth excavation, rock blasting and excavation
  • Structural concrete (walls and slab)
  • Construction of pre-engineered steel structure
  • New high voltage power line
  • Water treatment equipment, electrical, mechanical, instrumentation and commissioning of water treatment plant,
  • Reconstruction of pump house, under water investigation of raw water intake line
  • Fusing and installation of high density polyethylene sanitary forcemain
  • Construction of an onsite septic system and two new standby generator power systems

Standby Generator (Fenbrook Institution, Medium Security Penitentiary)

This project was complicated by the fact that it was a Corrections Canada Facility and all installations could not interfere with the operations of the facility. Our task was to supply and install a new 1600Kw generator and new high voltage switchgear lineup (including a new high voltage transformer).

Major components of this project included:

  • Earth excavation, engineered fill, structural concrete
  • New 1600Kw generator and control system that is synchronized with the local utility
  • A new 25,000 litre fuel tank and pump system
  • Re-routing of existing high voltage primary conductors
  • New high voltage conductors, new integration and monitoring systems
  • Fibre optics communications system and asphalt paving
  • This project also required a temporary standby generator power system to allow switch over of the new systems

Subdivision Servicing & Waste Water Treatment Plant (Diamondview Developments)

Diamondview is a private executive golf course with adjoining cottage subdivision. Our task was to develop and service the remaining 10 lots and to construct a new waste water treatment plant.

Major components of the servicing project included:

  • Clearing & grubbing, drill, blast and excavate approximately 4,000m3 of rock
  • Water, sewer, hydro and communications services to each lot
  • Duplex sanitary pumping systems, storm water piping and pond
  • Lot grading, road construction and asphalt paving

Major components of the waste water treatment plant project included:

  • Earth excavation, engineered fill, structural concrete (walls and slab)
  • Wood frame building
  • Supply and install Rotating Biological Contactor sanitary system
  • Electrical, mechanical, instrumentation and commissioning of sanitary treatment plant
  • Road construction

Crane Lake Dam ( Ministry of Natural Resources)

Crane Lake Dam is a water control dam remotely located at the south/east end of Crane Lake in the Parry Sound region of Ontario.

Major components of this project included:

  • Reconstruction of approximately 6km of road
  • Complex saw cutting and concrete removal of the dam spillways, sluiceways and abutment walls
  • Installation of high tensile strength rock anchors to anchor dam to bedrock
  • Install high strength epoxy concrete patches within the dam sluiceway
  • Fabrication and installation of a new fall arrest system and new gain winch system.

Fuel System (Canadian Coast Guard, Parry Sound ON)

Canadian Coast Guard operates a full service marine and air complex in Parry Sound, Ontario.

Major components of this project included:

  • Remove and replace various fuel tanks, piping and pumping systems
  • Install new electrical emergency stops, fuel monitoring system, concrete curbs, structural concrete and asphalt paving
  • This project required that all construction work be completed without disruption to the bases day to day operation

Bridge Demolition (Ministry of Natural Resources)

The kiosk access bridge in the Mattawa Region of Ontario was recently evaluated and found to be unsafe.

Major aspects of this project included:

  • Removal of wooden decking, steel railings, concrete abutments (partial) and structural steel bridge components.
  • This work was completed over a very fast flowing river system during the winter months. The timing and location of the project required extra safety measures to ensure the safety of the crew and the protection of an environmentally significant water system.

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Environmental Sustainability

Every project that we construct has an environmental component. This can range from construction mitigation measures to protect the surrounding environment from the effects of the construction work, to the reclamation of pits, quarries and mine properties.

We have extensive experience with constructing environmentally friendly onsite septic systems, storm water management facilities and rehabilitation projects. Our people, our families, our friends and our associates enjoy the natural environment and we strive to protect it.

Project Management Expertise

With more than 30 years’ in the construction industry we have experience in all aspects of the construction process, from conception to final commissioning.

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