General Contracting &
Project Management


Jobson Consulting provides professional, experienced, general contracting and project management services to both private and public sector clients. Our specialties include:

  • Site development
  • Water and sewer treatment plants and distribution systems
  • Fuel systems, both above and also below ground
  • High voltage and standby electrical systems
  • Pre-engineered steel and standard wood frame buildings
  • Structural concrete
  • Marine work
  • Road and parking lot construction
  • Earth and rock excavation projects

As the founder, Trent Jobson brings over thirty years’ experience in the construction industry as an estimator, project manager, site supervisor, inspector and contract administrator. His experience in both the sales and operations side of the construction business allows him the unique ability to quickly seek out solutions that are viable from both the standpoint of functionality and cost. Throughout his career Trent has established and maintained a large network of associates including: public sector administrators, engineers, consultants, contractors and suppliers.


Jobson Consulting does not aspire to be the biggest, but it does aspire to be among the best. We strive to conduct our business with integrity, accountability, fairness and an insistence on quality work and great follow-through.

Because of this philosophy we enjoy repeat business from our clients and long standing relationships with similar minded, licensed, knowledgeable and skilled trades throughout Ontario. Our extensive network allows us the flexibility to tackle the simplest of tasks to highly complex projects.


We value people; our staff, our customers, our sub-trades, our suppliers.

We value the planet; as much as possible we strive to leave each project as if we were never there.

We value safety; we expect that all staff return home safely at the end of each day.

We value quality; we build it as if we will own it.

We value success; we understand that we are only part of the process and we promise to do our part to ensure the success of the owner.

Jobson Consulting inc.

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Environmental Sustainability

Every project that we construct has an environmental component. This can range from construction mitigation measures to protect the surrounding environment from the effects of the construction work, to the reclamation of pits, quarries and mine properties.

We have extensive experience with constructing environmentally friendly onsite septic systems, storm water management facilities and rehabilitation projects. Our people, our families, our friends and our associates enjoy the natural environment and we strive to protect it.

Project Management Expertise

With more than 30 years’ in the construction industry we have experience in all aspects of the construction process, from conception to final commissioning.

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